I hate it. I hate when I waste time- be it while I’m watching a crappy movie, reading a shitty article on the net, browsing around on sites that make no sense to me, reading a book that I don’t really like- just to finish it because I started it. Or just idling away my evenings because I ‘worked so hard all day that now I am exhausted’. Yeah, well how many times does that really happen? 😉

I’m tired of procrastinating; I’ve wasted a lot of time, and I’m trying to change that.


I make sure weekends are not just to catch up on sleep. I shut the TV down if nothing on it interests me. I close a book and leave it unfinished if it doesn’t appeal to me. If I have time I don’t sit around and browse the Internet unless I find something thought-provoking or something that can add to my ‘bank of knowledge’. I don’t idle around, at least not as much as I used to!

Instead, I try to follow my hobbies, which include sketching, photography, reading, writing, crafts and cooking (well, this one still needs some exploration!). Not to mention, spending quality time with family, and with people that matter. In other words, I have become selective. I have learnt that time is short and should be spent wisely.

So, my dear, don’t just sit around; don’t procrastinate. Do whatever YOU want to do, and do it soon. Read, write, hike, travel, play, run, swim, sketch, draw, study, do social work, plant a garden, go on a long drive, fall in love, join the fight club :-); the list may be endless.

Get up and do it right now … for ‘right now’ is all you’ve got!