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Yesterday was our daughter’s second birthday. Although we tend to agree with friends and family when they say-  “She’s two already! Oh, where has the time flown?”, deep in our hearts we know that it hasn’t; ‘coz we’ll never let these precious moments fly.

These have been the most challenging and rewarding two years of our lives.

Holding in our arms a new life, that we had created, was our first reward when Simran was born. We held her as she gazed into our eyes as if she already knew who we were. Every moment that has passed since has been even more rewarding. To nurture a new life, a new beginning, a new hope, means a lot to us.

As she grew- she started smiling, sitting, crawling, walking, and now running. It’s interesting to see her interact with her friends and to watch her learn so much each day. If it must be expressed in a single word we think “awe” would be most appropriate. Yes, we are simply awed by the beauty of how a human life develops. We are amazed to see how a young mind learns.

This learning process is a two-way street. She learns from us and we learn from her too. She has taught us to be caring and loving, unconditionally. She has taught us to be patient, to have an open mind, to relax and take life one-step-at-a-time. She has taught us to be ourselves more often than we are. She has taught us to express ourselves freely- laugh when we want and be sad when we want. She has taught us all this with her own example.

We love this little life more than we’ll ever be able to describe. It’s very humbling and sometimes overwhelming for us to discover how much she loves us back and how much she trusts us!

We find ourselves extremely fortunate that we are in a situation to provide well for her (thanks to our parents), and to be empathetic to those who can’t. Though we have had our moments and challenges, we know our life has a new direction just because of her. And this direction for sure is the right direction.

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