OK. So I got lost driving in DC last night. Yes, I was miserably lost. It was dark and I haven’t driven much within DC (or I should say next to none). Anyone who lives in or near DC can attest to the fact that the downtown area can be confusing for first timers, specially around the river at night.

Anyway, there I was trying to find my way back to Arlington. I have no GPS in my old car but, thankfully, I did have my smart phone with me, trying to find the right directions, clinging on to the last bit of charge it had left! There was much traffic on the road (or so it seemed). I somehow felt pressured, from the guy just behind me and the people driving right next to me. I couldn’t concentrate. I kept missing turns and couldn’t change lanes in time. It felt frustrating and, to a certain extent, embarrassing. It seemed as if out of everyone on the road at that time, I was the only one lost. Rest everyone seemed to be driving smoothly, knowing exactly where they needed to go.

But, was it so?

Then a thought occurred to me. When you are lost, somehow it seems like you are the only one lost. But that may not be the case. Everyone has their own challenges, own struggles, own fights and own goals. You are not the only one. Sure, you are struggling, but that guy in the cubicle right next to you is fighting his own battles too. The driver right next to you or behind you may be lost too. The person standing in front of you in a queue may be struggling through an entirely different set of circumstances. But, when you are looking for your own way back, you, obviously, can’t see anyone else’s struggles. The truth is, we are all in this kinda together, fighting our way out of the lost intertwined roads and blind turns. My point is, it’s OK to be lost in life sometimes; you’re not the only one. Don’t feel isolated or discouraged. Just keep trying to find your way back, and eventually you will.

Well, maybe you won’t. But sometimes the way back is not the only way!

So here was what I learnt when I lost my way. And also, believe me, I have never fallen in love with a non-living object before, but that night I fell in love with my iphone (lol). It was my savior. I finally, fortunately, found my way and have never been happier to see the street on which I live than I was last night 🙂