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Did curiosity kill the cat? Well, may be. But isn’t it what keeps us humans going? I say, yes.

The ever-present wonder about what the future may hold for us, the curiosity to know what lies ahead, what lies beyond- beyond land, beyond water, beyond air, beyond all humankind, is what keeps humanity’s soul alive. I believe that humans have an inherent tendency for finding facts and answers. The ‘unknown’ has always puzzled us and we do our best to make unknowns known. After all, our curious mind is what sets us apart from all other known life.

Since the dawn of mankind we have been curiously seeking newness, novelty and freshness in every walk of life. Our experiments and what-ifs have brought us pretty far. Today, from our invincible quest for finding life beyond our own planet, to the fleeting joy of looking forward to a new place, the excitement of a new job, the infatuation in a new relationship, the thrill of anything new- tangible or intangible shows that we have an affinity for the reviving freshness that unknowns bring.

In my view, this affinity is an extremely positive energy for the human spirit. For progress, this affinity must be imbibed into our daily lives, our work, our hobbies, our routines, and our relationships, to energize and incentivize us to keep going; and keep seeking. I call this affinity ‘living for the future’. Though I am a true believer in living in the moment, I completely see how the excitement of things to look forward to keeps my spirits up.

For all humanity to progress, each one of us has to find their own goals to look forward to, or a question to find an answer for. A question challenging enough to perpetually keep us on our toes. A question whose answer will lead to even more thoughts and questions; again and again. For, though we all look for answers, if all unknowns are answered, it would take the joy of living away!