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I love shoes (duh!). Heels to be precise. Ah, those high heels, so glamorous, so in-style! I mostly wear them to work and just recently noticed that I didn’t own even one pair of shoes that didn’t have substantial heels to them. One day I was having a casual conversation with a friend of mine at work about heels-

‘Do you really love those shoes?’

‘Yeah, I do.’

‘But, can you walk in them?’

‘Yeah, sure.’

‘Let me rephrase, can you walk in them comfortably?’

‘Umm, no, of course! But they look good. I love them. I don’t have to walk much at work anyway.’

Then the next question that I was dreading thankfully never came- ‘Really? Or do you avoid walking much because of them?’

Honestly, the answer to this was pretty apparent.

So, anyway, life went on as usual. Then earlier this year I started running and registered for a 5K run. While I was training for my run, unfortunately, I injured my knee and couldn’t train any longer. As a result of this injury, my one knee got swollen. It was pretty painful even when I walked. And, yeah, of course, heels made it even more painful. I had to switch to flats.

But wait, I had to go buy them first! So, I bought this cheapest pair of flats that I could with the intention of tossing them out after my pain subsided. I have been wearing these flats for almost a week now and I can’t begin to explain how comfortable they are. I know, comfort is a subjective feeling; but take it from me- unless you’ve walked in flats much, you won’t know what comfort is! My feet are on vacation even while I’m at work; that’s exactly how it feels when I have them on. It’s really ironic how I feel on the ‘top of the world’ in flats instead of heels :-).

Even though my pain has long subsided and I can walk freely and run normal, I can’t seem to give up on these flats. Retrospectively thinking, what a blessing in disguise was my injury. So, with this new found love, I have decided to break up with the old one, my heels :-). Break ups are usually painful, but this one is relieving me of one (wink). Though the temptation will be there, I’ll keep the heels for rare occasions only.

Apparently, getting used to flats didn’t take me long but I’m sure it’ll still take some time before I can casually walk over those street grates without worrying about trapping my heels and tripping over :P.