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Recently, I read a friend’s post about how amused she is by watching her kids grow. That got me thinking about my own experiences with my daughter. I’m so sure this’ll sound like a cliche but I’ll say it nonetheless: It’s really amazing how fast kids grow! Or so it seems :-). Not only that, it’s really truly beyond amazing how fast they learn anything. I mean ANYTHING!

When I think about it- what all have I learnt NEW in the last three years? Any new language? Any new life skills? I can hardly count on one hand! Simran is just three … she has learnt everything she knows in the last three years :-). I’m so proud of her!

Of the few things I remember from my own childhood one of them is how my parents used to ask me to recite recently learnt poems or songs in front of guests (I’m sure most of my Indian friends can relate to it; not sure if this is customary elsewhere :P). Not that I hated it (I actually love to display my talent- even though it’s pretty rare!), I never understood why would they be happy to see me recite something so silly like a nursery rhyme? Or hear a song sung in broken lyrics?

When I was young I even remember thinking ‘I’d never do this to my kid,’ specially when I saw some of my older cousins or friends do the same to their kids. Thankfully, I never said anything to them for the worst advice that comes to parents is from people who don’t have kids, LOL.

So, yeah, I never understood the point of it … until now!

It’s very surprising to me that I can draw immense pleasure from her reciting a simple ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ or even counting from 1 – 20! I myself ask her to do that in front of my friends when they visit, LOL. Especially in Hindi. I love it when she sings Hindi songs that I play for her (or sometimes sing to her … poor girl :P). I find myself overjoyed when she does anything new, anything unexpected.

I think I understand the point now. Little things like these (that are really not things) make everyday beautiful … and meaningful.

This is just a small example. Overall, I think because of her, I have discovered a part of me that is so unconditionally loving! How she has brought structure and discipline to my life. How I’ve become interested in various hobbies. In a way, I am trying to become a little bit of everything that I may want her to become someday. My recent hobbies can all attest to that :D. I enjoy doing things for her and with her. I enjoy them even more now because I know she’s watching :-).

Most precious moments ever.

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