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Yepp. It’s Jan 5th 6th 7th and I have made NO New Year resolutions yet!

I hope I don’t strike-through 7th and replace it with 8th, and so on …. :D.

Well, I’m not too big on New Year resolutions but this time around I’d like to give ‘em a try. There’s been only once in the past that I’ve made a resolution- that was last year. Yeah, I know, you want to know what it was and how I did. Well, I won’t tell you because I didn’t do as well as I had hoped for.

Alright ……. if you insist.

I had resolved to better my personality. To become friendlier, more caring, loving and outgoing. Also, to increase professional contacts. Basically, to broaden both my professional and social circles.

You see, it was a very general aim. There were no numbers or scales to measure or define when I would have completed my goal. Still, I think I’d give myself 7/10. I didn’t fail miserably, per say, but I could have done better :-).

I think part of why I lost 3 points was that I thought I had TWELVE months. I should have thought I had ONE year. A lower number would have changed my perspective! Better yet, I should have made quarterly resolutions and added up my score. Short term goals are more achievable after all.

So, though I am not a resolutionary person (wink!), here are my aims for this quarter:

1. Defeat the snooze button (toughest of all).

2. Avoid tailgating while driving.

3. Join Salsa classes.

4. Finish ‘Piano for Beginners’ notes (no pun intended) from last year’s piano classes.

5. Volunteer for a local charity event.

Cool! Achievable and measurable. Can be checked off as done/not done.

And then there are these ‘on-going’ resolutions- stuff that I know I can always improve upon, day after day, quarter after quarter, year after year!

*Make new friends and professional connections (and keep the old!)
*Read, read and read … a lot
*Write, write and write … a lot
*Travel as much as time and budget allow for
*Explore my creative side
*Be good, do good 🙂

See you next quarter!


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You snooze, you lose!