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We all have heard of this before. It’s the famous 8 x 8 rule: ‘Drink eight 8 oz glasses of water everyday’. How many of us really do it? I sure don’t.

Well, today, I experimented. I tried to drink eight glasses of water (or fluids, aka, juice, etc). How difficult could it be, right? It’s highly and widely recommended after all.

Let me tell you my friend, it isn’t as easy as it sounds …….

To start, after that 4 oz of chilled OJ at 7 AM I already felt so quenched that drinking more fluids seemed far from reality (especially in this cold weather)!

Anyway, went to work, had some meetings, made a few phone calls, and the next thing I know, it was 10 AM already. With no thirst in sight, I dragged myself to the water cooler and got a glass full of water. Drank it. Chills went down through my spi … err throat! It was damn cold! ‘I should have just sipped it’, I thought, ‘That’s what I should do with the next one,’ and I did.

For the subsequent ones, I even put the glass in the microwave for 15-20 secs to bring it down to a palatable temperature. Before leaving for home I already had 5 glasses down 🙂 (incl a cup of soup I had with lunch). Back at home, I kept to my promise- drank one glass (more or less) every two hours. I was ready for the day to be over by now! Well, I was finally done with my 8 x 8 by 10 at night. Phew!

On the positive side (for there always is one) I felt more attentive (may due to keeping the time!), fresher and healthier through the day! Chilled water was much more difficult to drink than the one at room temperature though. Also, going from 1-2 glasses to eight was a bit too much (talk about restroom trips, LOL!). I should increase slowly maybe- by one glass every 2 days or so. So, instead of 8 x 8, maybe I’ll stick to 3 x 8 or 4 x 6 for a while :D.