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There’s a good friend of mine at work who – I think – is pregnant. She’s showing all the signs. I know because I’ve been-there-done-that.

So, what signs, you may ask. Well, her face is glowing, she’s gaining weight, wearing loose clothes, popping pills, and eating healthier food- so unlike her! I know she hates lettuce and broccoli- not lately though!  She’s even avoiding soda, not lunching out at all, has switched to flats, and is driving less. Classic pregnancy symptoms, I say!

I really should ask. What do you think? Yes? No? Maybe?

Honestly, I want her to tell me on her own. After all, I told her just two weeks in to my pregnancy. In fact, she may not remember, I told her exactly four years ago today!

So, why isn’t she telling me (yet)? It’s been a few ‘symptomatic’ weeks already! Maybe I have to ask her myself. So, I mustered the courage, stood up from my desk all excited and walked down to her cube only to find her on the phone with someone. So I just waited there … and then suddenly, I happened to see a couple of ‘weight watchers’ magazines on her desk.

My mind just went blank. She can’t be trying to lose weight! What if I ask her and she’s not expecting? It’ll be so rude. What do I do? And then, she hung up. Expecting me to say something, she stared at me for a few seconds. I was quiet. In fact I just stared back at her as if she was the one visiting my desk. I didn’t know what to say!

‘What’s wrong? Why do you look so worried?’, she finally broke the silence.

‘Nothing’, I said, ‘I just … I just … wanted to see if … if … you’d join me for a cup of coffee?’

‘It’s almost 5. I have to leave. I’m so tired’.

So, you see, she was tired. It was barely 5 and she was so tired. No energy? So unlike her, really. Not even one coffee? What’s she hiding? Why won’t she share it with me?

I felt betrayed.

Anyway, she shut down her computer and stood up to go home. I came back to my desk, puzzled more than ever. Were those magazines old or recent? What if she really is trying to lose weight (and is being terrible at it)? Good I didn’t ask. But, she ‘looks’ pregnant, she ‘walks’ pregnant, she … well … it’s best that I leave it at that. She will tell me tomorrow, perhaps?

That night after I had put my daughter to bed, she called.

‘I know you have been wondering’, she said.

I had to act strange as if nothing had happened. ‘What? Wondering about what?’

‘I know you are curious to find out. And I know that you know. And you are right!’, she was smiling, I could tell.

‘Wow! Congratulations! So I was right! How far along are you?’

‘Just completed my first trimester’.

‘A full trimester! But why didn’t you tell me sooner?’, I was almost angry!

‘I wanted to be sure. You know, after the first one’.

‘Wait, what? What first one?’, my heart sank.

‘I have been meaning to tell you- I’ve been pregnant before but lost it within days. I wanted to make sure all was good this time before …….’

‘When was that?’, I was visibly trembling by now.

‘Exactly four years ago today’.


*Not based on real events