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Who knows?!

But they sure are C-H-A-O-S!

In this digital-age with a camera in every device that you can think of, I find myself snapping pictures all the time! It goes something like this …….

Oh, look at that lovely flower! SNAP

Wow! Snow! SNAP

These muffins turned out great! SNAP

Rainbow! SNAP

How cute! [looking at some misc cat/dog/anything], SNAP

Etc, etc, etc …….

Result: Pictures, pictures everywhere, not a shot to print 😛


Jokes apart, my iPhone alone has over a thousand odd pictures. Well, mostly my daughter’s that I’m sure I’ll find really hard to delete 😛 (if only I can ever get time to go through them!). Not to digress, but, it’s so funny how the number of pics you take of your kids are inversely proportional to their age. We have pics of our daughter every few hours after she was born. Now she’s almost four and we take, well, let’s just say- not as many!

 iPad may have over 1,500 … easy. Of here, there and every-effing-where!

Then comes the digital point & shoot (yes, it still does exist), which is almost obsolete now in our household, but still used- sometimes.

And then — the elephant in the room — the digital SLR! It’s kinda new to us (got it a year and a half ago). But, I swear, it has taken pictures of anything and everything imaginably possible (okay, okay, I’m getting carried away here). Any trip we take, it accompanies us. And, of course, clicking a digital pic (especially SLR) can give you INSTANT GRATIFICATION that wasn’t possible during the ‘camera roll’ age!

So, we have a chaotic digital collection of pictures of everything and everywhere. We try to organize them once in a while but lose track sooner than we realize.

Actually, it’s kinda cool if you look at it this way — they make going down the memory lane so much easier (and fun!). We may not remember things we take pictures of … that is unless we see the pictures again! I think (or I hope) my daughter would enjoy seeing her old pics (llloooaaadddsss of them!) when she grows up, while she may not really ‘remember’ her first step or first word or first poem.

Each of those pics would then be worth a million words … and of course the collection would be priceless!

PS: Dear organized readers, any ideas on- ‘How to organize the digital world of images?’ would be much appreciated 😀