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I read this blog post yesterday- ‘How do you write’? I was fascinated to learn about the blogger’s way of constantly churning ideas and ‘filing’ them in his brain storage to access them later. How? ask him :-). Pretty neat though!

But then, I thought, another question to ask would be- WHY do you write?’

I know why I do. I consider writing an art. Any form of art is an expression of creativity. And isn’t being able to express oneself the essence of a progressive mind? Art, be it writing, blogging, poetry, painting, sketching, photography, dance, music, is a simplistic extension of our complex mind ….

It’s magical to be able to express oneself. Immensely gratifying!

That’s why I write. To satiate my wandering mind, to share the load of my thoughts, to feel light!

Well, why do you write?