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Plain and simple.

I think (or hope) that no one would disagree with this blatant statement! Yes, those who speed are really really stupid. I’m not saying this because I haven’t sped before. I have. Yes, I’ve had my stupid moments too; and have paid for them (literally!).

I’m saying this because it has to be said.

Why do people speed anyway? Think about it. If you do a 90 on a 75 highway, you can ‘save’ yourself  only 13 minutes every 100 miles. Oh, right, you were going to conquer the world in those freaking 13 minutes. Bragging rights. In that case, yeah, go ahead. But, chances are, you DO NOT commute more than 40-50 miles a day anyway (my sympathies with you, if you do!). So, there you go. Now you have less than 10 mts to get the job done.

But, really, what would you actually gain even if you did save a few minutes? Whatever it may be, is it larger than life? If not, please push the brakes down (on the left, on the left!).

The real bummer are people speeding on regular roads. Posted speed limit 25. Meh, limit shwimit. I can easily ‘safely’ do a 45 here (that’s 80% over the limit, btw, EIGHTY!). HULLLLO!! There is something lined up on the side of these roads that you usually don’t find on a highway … say, houses, shops, schools … etc? Which, of course, means- pedestrians. They are annoying, right? Yeah, right. #SARCASM (in case you didn’t get it).

Please do NOT speed. Not to save money on speeding tickets, but to save yourself and others (in case you haven’t noticed, there are lots of other people who you share the road with).

Or else, you’re just STUPID! And that’s the truth.