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I recently volunteered for a local charity and fortunately got a chance to work with some amazing folks. And when you meet new people it’s obvious that most of the time, after the first “Hi”s and “Hello”s, the conversation tends towards ‘What do you do?’.

So, I was working with this woman- full of energy and enthusiasm. And of course, I introduced myself to her, told her that I work for a so-and-so company as a so-and-so and asked her what she did. Her answer confused me a bit- at first.

I’m a parent’, she said.

OK, and what do you do?‘, I felt silly right after I said that. Being a parent myself, I understood what she meant (albeit a few microseconds late!).

I work for my home’, she said, smiling.

Of course’, I said.

Awkward pause. And then we continued to chit-chat and work on our assigned project.

When we were done and almost leaving, she said, ‘I didn’t mean to put you on the spot, I just don’t like to use the phrase “stay-at-home-mom”, you know, I don’t get to stay at home at all!’.

I know what you mean!’, I said.

Well, that was that.

But I wonder, where did this phrase come from after all? ‘STAY AT HOME’ mom. I think it’s kinda disrespectful to call our stay-at-home moms that. Shouldn’t it be more like ‘WORK AT HOME’ mom? For that’s what they do- they WORK at home.