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I’m pretty sure I’m one of many who have experienced what I’m about to describe. Consciously or subconsciously, that’s a different story …

So here’s what it is:

When I talk to anyone over the phone, and if I’ve never met them before, I develop a picture of them in my mind. I give their voice a face. I’m almost certain that everyoneย does it- mostly subconsciously. I do it very consciously. Very.

I closely notice the way they say their letters and words- the way they articulate their pronunciations. I can make a mental picture of their lip movements. I pay very close attention to their breath, their pauses, their pace. The picture I make is very vivid- a very detailed one- it’s not only the face but the entire personality. It’s mostly (and obviously) based on past memories of similar ‘sounding’ people … but this imagined person is so real to me that I almost meet with them in my mind.

And when I meet with them in person, I’m sometimes let down.ย When the image in my mind does not match with the one I see, there’s almost a war in my mind … this is not the person I spoke to … I remember thinking quite a few times. And then I have to make a conscious effort to replace my image with the real one!

My imagination will be tested again tomorrow. So, this lady I’m going to meet for business tomorrow … we’ve talked over the phone a couple of times now. I can almost visualize what she looks like- what her face-cut is, how tall she is, how petite. I think- she’s in her forties, wears high heels, petite, about my height, wears heavy make-up, has blonde hair- curly blonde hair, walks with small steps, no eyeglasses, wears a strong perfume, etc, etc. I’ve almost already met her. I’ll find out tomorrow if my perception is correct this time …….

Actually, this is true for a at least a couple of more circumstances … radio show hosts and characters in books.

Radio hosts have a face, well duh! I mean I can clearly see them even though I have never seen them. And, of course, books. Every book I read, every character it portrays, it immediately sketches a face (and often a complete personality) in my mind. Of course, credit goes to the author for bestowing on me such an experience, but, think about it, this is so surreal- a character in a book has as many unique ‘faces’ as there are unique readers! Such a customized experience radios and books can provide.ย This may be a topic for another post perhaps! ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, I thought I’d share this and ask my fellow readers about their experiences and thoughts? Perhaps you have an image of me in your mind by now … now that you know something about me, albeit very little? ๐Ÿ™‚


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