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Hello! I’m so-and-so and I’m three-and-a-half.

Yes, three-and-a-half. Not three. Not four. Three-and-a-half.

I wanted to celebrate my birthday. My three-and-a-halfth (or rd?) birthday. For which, I wanted three-and-a-half candles on the cake. My request was dismissed. I was called silly, albeit jokingly.

But, I’m not sure how you adults define silly. Coz for me, wearing high heels and neck ties is what’s SUPER silly! To me, my request was a very valid request. What do you think?

So, I cried.

And whenever I cry, I am told that I am crying for ‘a small thing’. A small thing? Well, I couldn’t think of a bigger thing than this, at the time!

I’m not too sure how you adults make your distinctions … about small and big things. For me, in my little brain, in my tiny world, the things I cry for are mostly, if not always, big things.

So the next time you see me cry please don’t say I’m sad for a small thing. For as I see it, only the so called ‘small things’ can make you truly happy.


A three-and-a-half year old (well, almost four by now)