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An open letter to my mom!: This has been long overdue. And what better day to do this than when it’s so close to mother’s day? So, here I go …….


This may sound like cliche (because it is, duh!) but, really, you are the best mother in the whole world 😀

They say- ‘You know your parents were right when your kid tells you that you’re wrong!’. Becoming a parent myself has absolutely given me a sense of perspective. Being a mom myself now, I think I can understand you a little better 🙂 (I hope).

Now I know how I made you feel when I took that first step. Now I know how you felt when I got hurt. Now I know how worried you got when my fever didn’t subside. I know I made you proud when I ranked up high in competitions. I know it made you happy when you saw me succeed.

But, I also know how you must have felt at my downfalls. It must have been very obvious to blame yourself when things didn’t go right. It must have been a few sleepless nights. I tend to do the same … but I think that’s not right. We’re here to do our best and then to let it go.

You have often told me how proud I make you feel. Well, all I can say is: likewise, mom. If I can be half as nice a mom as you are, I’d consider myself successful!

Happy Mother’s Day to you, today, tomorrow and always 😀