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**** This post is dedicated to my fellow metro train travelers! ****

As you might know, at some metros, you’ve got to scan your metro fare card where you board the train and also at the exit where you get off.

So, after you scan your card and board the train, when do you take it back out for your exit?

How many stations ahead? 3, 2, 1? How much do you plan ahead? Or are you just anxious? Can’t wait to get out of the train?

Or do you fiddle with your pockets at the exit? Are you simply forgetful or do you really don’t give a damn about the long line piling behind you?

Or do you even keep it back in your pocket/purse after you board the train? Does it make you feel more comfortable to hang on to it- in your grip, in reach.

Have you ever thought that it might tell a little something about your mood when you take the fare card out?!

Fare card