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(I started this post yesterday morning … but just got the time to finish and post – hence the reference to ‘Sunday morning’ below … :D)

As I sit on my couch on a lazy Sunday morning scrolling down the WordPress reader, I wonder at the talent brewing out there … bloggers filled with myriad interests, dreams, aspirations and courage- pouring their hearts out on a blank screen!

I marvel at the beauty of everyone out there trying to share a piece of their experience with the rest of us. Especially the photographs and travel blogs! Relaxing on my couch in my pajamas, I sort of enjoy the beauty of this world. I know it’s not as thrilling as actually being out there- but it sure comes close. Just the other day, as the sun rose from the dark horizon right outside my window, I saw a picture of it setting into the unknown on my reader. The same sun, viewed through the lens of an amazing photographer and posted on their blog, from the other side of the world! Surreal 🙂

Moreover, people sharing recipe ideas, inspirational quotes, stories, random thoughts, fitness advices, DIYs, book reviews, parenting experiences, heartbreaks, emotions, culture, technology,  … the list is almost endless. It inspires me.

In case you are wondering where I’m headed with this post, this is a big SHOUT-OUT to my Blogosphere! The constant sharing machine that binds minds! Blogosphere knows no time, no boundaries, no limits. Blogosphere is the place to be!

A big thank you to you all fellow bloggers. Thanks for sharing a piece of your mind, your thoughts, of you-  with me. Keep writing, keep sharing …:D


Photo: http://www.matternow.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/blog-post.jpg