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Most. Overrated quote. Ever.

We’re always taught this while growing up. I wonder why?

Before you pass your judgement on me, let me assure you: I agree that money is not the MOST important thing in the world … all I’m saying is, it’s not the LEAST either.

I agree- there must be priorities in life and earning more money must NOT be on the top. But, it must be somewhere within the first few. Don’t you concur? And think about it, whatever your first priority is (a happy family, I’d guess, or a happier you), won’t a decent amount of money help you achieve it?

You’ve got to earn money to survive. Simple. Unless you own a piece of land where you grow your own food and live in a small hut. Then, of course, you won’t have an internet connection and won’t be able to read this post anyway 😛

So, coming back to my point, I firmly believe that money is very important (unfortunately). Happiness is not sold in shops … so we can’t buy it with money. But, the things we can buy with money can make us happy. For example, a car to commute, a decent house in a decent neighborhood, books, education, etc, etc. It’s not just luxuries that can be bought, basic stuff comes at a price too (and that equates to expenditure). Nothing comes for free.

Well, I guess it totally depends upon WHAT you do with the money you have can make you happy or otherwise.


Money = Happiness

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