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Just recently a friend of mine had a kid. Her second kid. A boy. Her daughter is 4. Very nice folks!

They live pretty far from here so we couldn’t go to meet with them. So we sent warm wishes over the phone and via Facebook (obviously).

I’m sure you know how Facebook sends you ‘notifications’ if anyone comments anything on a status that you commented on too. So I got a notification that a random person (friend of friend- can’t remember guy/gal) posted on my friend’s family update status. It said something to this effect- ‘Wow, congratulations! NOW your family is complete. You two and a girl and a boy.’

Hmmmm. WHAT? Just NOW? Was it half-complete with one kid? What would it be if they decide to have another kid? More than complete?

A family is complete if one decides to stay single.

A family is complete if a couple chooses to have no kids.

A family is complete with one kid.

A family is complete with a few more!

It irks me to think how people throw their personal judgement on others. It just tells about their thinking process I guess. I’m sure that friend of my friend didn’t mean any harm or hurt feelings, I just think people must be a little more sensitive toward such personal stuff.


Image: http://www.tagspicture.com/2013/03/09/a-complete-family-photo-shoot/