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No, this is not a finance blog (nope, not me!). Then why is the title ROI? Well, ‘coz ……. oh just read the post, would you? 😛

Below are some of the excuses I used to make (I know, mundane) for being unable to pursue things I love doing otherwise. They’re all VERY cliche indeed. So much that I can kinda hear your responses in my head. But I hope to show you how I diverted my energy from regular ranting to something meaningful (I think!). So here I go:

Me: Life has become terribly busy! You: Oh yeah, all others are just lazying around, lady!

Me: There’s no time from work or family. You: All others have like 50 hrs in a day or something.

Me: Taking care of family and career simultaneously have given me so many grays that I can’t even begin to count. You: Oooh my my, what a BIG problem that is!

Well, I had to blame something for these nasty grays! LOL.

Not that I’m lazy but there should be no excuses for wasting any time. I mean any. Even a minute. If I can do something better that minute, I should do it. With that in mind, realizing that it was not going to get any better, I stopped complaining about the lack of time (yay! finally).

OK, so here is what I stopped doing- complaining. But, did I really not have any time? Even 15 minutes a day? I thought ……. and I realized that I keep doing stuff for my family, my home, my career … is that ok? I know it’s my family, my home, my career; but what about me? There’s got to be a difference between ‘mine’ and ‘me’.

The more I thought the more clearly I saw this empty space between mine and me that I wanted to fill up. This space was the me space I had craved for. It had bits and pieces of time in it- 15 mts here and there, a half-hour, a couple sometimes. So, I chose to pursue things that can be done in bits and pieces. Unlike traveling/backpacking etc, reading, sketching, painting, writing, photography, can be done in small chunks. So I did ‘em.

Even taking out 15 mts just for myself gives me an immense boost. It’s like a sustained release energy pill 🙂 (Highly recommended!). I just do what I absolutely love doing once a day, few minutes here and there, and it adds up. It sure does clear my mind and helps me focus better on my day job and family.

Investing a small amount of time in myself everyday is reaping me priceless results! My ROI is pretty damn high, and I intend to keep it that way.


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