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We’ve just bought our first house! And we’re excited (obviously). We haven’t moved in yet but we can’t wait for it to happen! We’ve moved quite a few times before but this time it feels a little different. For I can’t remember ‘packing’ and ‘being glad about it’ at the same time :P.

Fortunately, this house fulfills most of the criteria we had begun our search with. So when I shared the news with friends, some of them said- This is just like a dream home, isn’t it?

Well, maybe. Now that we’ve bought it, I dream about it almost everyday :P.  I dream about how we’re going to make full use of the space it has to offer. I dream about dressing up those naked walls with pictures and artwork! I dream about the little house-projects we could do in there (hopefully mostly by choice :P). I dream about the little garden that I’ll grow. So yeah, it is my dream home :D.

Well, to be honest, growing up I had a very different picture of a “dream home”. If you’d have asked me twenty years ago, I’d have said- I want a HUGE garden. That’s all! The house itself wouldn’t have mattered to me at all. A huge garden would’ve sold it for me! But as time has moved on, so have my priorities. Now, a huge garden would have been nothing more than a ‘big plus’. And of course, budget- the biggest denominator :P. Needless to say, our house doesn’t have a HUGE garden- only a good size backyard, which I’m very glad to have :-).

What a stress it was looking for the “perfect house”. The criteria we had laid out were rigid and plenty: It shouldn’t be too far from work, the commute shouldn’t be too horrible (is that too much to ask for?), the space should be ‘just enough’ (I never wanted a huge house anyway- who’s going to maintain it after all- us!), it should be a newer house, the floor plan should be open, it should be in a decent neighborhood, etc etc etc, and of course budget!

No, we could not find our perfect house. Apparently, it doesn’t exist … (yet!). I’m glad that we quickly realized this, prioritized our criteria and became semi-rigid on few. So, with all it’s little imperfections we found something that we can make perfect. It’s ours. With all it’s pros and cons, it’s ours. That’s all that matters 🙂


Image: http://impressivemagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/small-house-large-garden.jpg