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There’s this lady at work whose office is right in front of mine. She travels a lot for work, so when she wasn’t in yesterday, I assumed that she was traveling again. And when she returns to office from a trip she’s usually exhausted and (very) grumpy! She blames her mid-life crisis and I blame workaholism! Anyway, guess on who she takes her frustration out — the most accessible person within near premises who would listen to her — ME!

But I don’t mind, really. I know what red eye flights can do to you! 😛

So, anyway, when she showed up to work this morning, I was ready for her usual rants- about work, about flights, about life, about, well, everything! But she showed up all fresh and rested; and it took me aback! I couldn’t stop but wanting to ask how her trip was. So I went to her office, just to say hello and strike a conversation. She was all relaxed and had this pretty bouquet of flowers on her desk that she was trimming and cleaning to put in a vase!

Nice flowers! Is it your birthday today?’, I asked, all inquisitive.

It was yesterday. So I gave myself the day off!’, she said, grinning. I didn’t know she was capable of such a broad smile 😛

WOW! How nice. It must feel good to give yourself a leave, to celebrate yourself! Then, I wondered if she had bought those flowers herself, for herself. Before I even asked, she said, ‘I treated myself with flowers too!

How cool. I LOVE flowers. I love getting them as a gift on a birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day, etc. But, I’ve never bought flowers for myself! So, I found it very intriguing how she was celebrating herself, for the day she was born, for the day she started her life, in such a unique way.

Well, isn’t that what birthday celebrations are for? We keep celebrating birthdays of our friends and family, take them out to dinners, buy ’em gifts, pamper our near and dear ones (along with other gazillion things we do these days). Who has time for themselves anymore, right? Who in the world celebrates themselves? But, shouldn’t we? Why don’t we just take a step back, once in a while, and and celebrate ourselves too, in our own unique way, gifting ourselves a little special something on our special day!


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