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I’m sure you’ve heard people complain how kids don’t spend enough time outside these days.

Childhood today has moved indoors, they say. And they’re right. It has.

Given the health benefits of spending time playing outside, their complaint is legitimate.

As a parent, I want my 4 yr old to spend at least some time outside in the open (weather permitting) every day. It’s both a good release and a boost of energy! But then, I look at my own routine and find that I myself hardly go outside- AT ALL!

Outside as in not just out of the house, but out in the open! (in a non-conditioned environment).

I wake up early in the morning, get ready for work, we get our daughter ready, I drop her off at school, go to work, mostly eat lunch at my desk, pick her up, go back home, cook and eat and sleep.

Well, it’s not as boring/mundane as it sounds (LOL) … my point is that if I exclude the time it takes to walk from my car to a building, I’m not ‘outside’ at all (parking in an enclosed garage and working out in a gym don’t help either!).

I know, it’s a typical first world problem, but then it needs some first world fixing too :D.

So here’s how I’ve started to fix it.

Weather is pretty good these days. Especially early mornings. So, I’ve rediscovered my long forgotten balcony and I plan to make good use of it- to have my morning tea and catch up on reading.

It’s a start, and a pretty worthy one too, I think.


My cup of tea! (I hadn’t been ‘outside’ for the past three days … until this morning!)



Balcony view! (could there be a better start to a day than watching the early morning sky?)