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All parents want their kids to grow up perfect … well, how so ever they define perfection! And, of course, I’m no exception 😀

In my four years of parenthood, I’ve seen that kids mostly learn by example. They are great imitators of thoughts and actions. So, I think, everything I do in front of my daughter will have a positive/negative, conscious/subconscious impact on her personality, and hence- life! In my world, “Do as I say, not as I do” doesn’t really work.

So, anyway, I try to do (or not do) certain things in front of her even though, in some cases, they are not my habits (well, eventually they will be!).

For example, when she’s around, I try not to raise my voice on her or on anyone, make a point to say my thank yous and sorries, eat healthy snacks, not waste food, keep the house clean and in general order (can’t take breaks that I used to during pre-parenthood times!), etc, etc. Let’s just say, she brings out the best in me!

So far so good.

Then one day, when I was getting her ready for dinner, she saw a tiny bug flying in the kitchen. Aarrgghh, how I hate (read- am afraid of) those nasty and creepy little things. But wait, I had told her to always be brave … and being a preacher of ‘teaching by example’ that I am, I had to pretend!

It’s nothing, sweety. Don’t be scared, mommy is here’, yeah right! And thinking to myself- gosh, did it just fly over my head?

And then, while waiting on her high-chair, she saw it again. ‘Mommy, I just saw it again.

That’s ok, dear. It won’t hurt you’. I was so sure it flew over my head right then! I was hardly able to get her food out on the plate!

And then she said, ‘Can you kill it?

Yeah, sure.’ Or maybe not?! Right then, that creepy thing sat right on my hand! **Cringe** I had to compose myself.

I jerked my hand, and there it flew again. Needless to say, I took an old magazine, gathered a bucket load of courage, and finally swatted it.

There. Now it laid on the kitchen floor on its back, all legs up, motionless! YES! My first bug kill. ‘But, I can’t show too much excitement,’ I thought. I had to pretend as if this was normal for me.

Good job mommy. We should throw it out of the balcony!

WHAT! Pick up that dead bug? No way, Jose!

That’s ok. I’ll throw it later.

Are you scared?

Oh no, did she notice? Well, now I really didn’t have a choice, did I? I had to dispose it off some way or the other. She would not accept a dead bug in the trash can (go figure!), so I had to take the poor dead soul to the balcony (don’t ask me how!) while she stayed inside.

Outside, I put it in one of the flower pots and stared at it for a few seconds. It was very tiny indeed. Was it really that scary after all? Oh well …….

So yeah, this was my bug story. A silly one. A silly one but not without a lesson, I think.

Being a parent, you’ve sometimes got to do little things that you don’t like or aren’t your ‘type’. You may even sometimes feel ‘not you’, but when it’s all set and done, it’s totally worth it! Your own kids can change you in subtle ways nothing else ever can. 😀

PS: I still hate broccoli- don’t tell her … shhhhhhh!


Bugs are big!

Bugs in the kitchen are way smaller than they appear!

Image: http://onlyhdwallpapers.com/wallpaper/food_kitchen_bugs_cockroach_desktop_1920x1200_hd-wallpaper-1114170.jpg