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It’s been a while since I’ve penned down any of my thoughts (which are perpetually many!). Come to think of it, I’ve actually been looking for a topic to write about. And it just so happened yesterday that a friend of mine asked me – Why no post in a long time? And even suggested a few topics 🙂

But I casually brushed them aside and carried on with work. Still, the urge persisted.

It also just so happened that yesterday I had to leave work early to run an errand that took an hour less than what I was expecting. So, now I had an hour extra in hand than what I had planned for. How often does that happen, right? So I decided to make good use of it. I had a few options …….

I could go back to work and stick around for some more time? Nah.

I could reach home early and rest? Ok.

I could pick my daughter up early? Maybe.

Perhaps think of a topic to write on? Ummm, why not!

But, again, what to write about? Perhaps I could DO something worth writing about? In just an hour? Something that could become a blog post?

Lately, life has been pretty mundane. In a good way. Home-work-home-work-home …. and on and on it goes. I say ‘in a good way’ because I have a job and work to do (which must be appreciated!). But, such monotony doesn’t help generate new ideas for blog posts! No wonder I’ve had no topic to write about. It was pretty clear – I’ve got to first have a non-mundane experience that is worth writing about. I’ve got to do something that’s not routine; something unusual, something that I can fit in an hour?

First and foremost I decided to enjoy my ride back home. Yes, in spite of the traffic. The sun was almost set in the horizon and I wanted to savor it. I took the long way home …. and also this picture. For those who care, yes, I was stopped at a red light 🙂 Fortunately, the traffic was not that bad and the sky looked perfect! Well, when does it not? 🙂


Then I remembered that there’s a garden center on the way where I’ve been wanting to stop by for a while now. I love plants. Especially indoor plants, to be specific. It’s another story that my plants really have almost never survived long, I can still love them, right? Lack of research on what to buy and lack of care afterwards are both to blame.

Anyway, I decided to slow down, visit the garden center, and smell the roses, literally!

Slow Down and Smell the Roses

Loved this place, lots of indoor plants! Specially the ones that can survive with close to zero attention, aka, my type of plants, LOL. There I met professional gardeners and fellow enthusiasts and the entire atmosphere was very soothing and lively (of course with so much greenery – and colors – around you can’t feel anything but that!).

Garden Center

I looked around for a while, picked a few plants that I liked and continued on with the rest of my routine. Below is a picture of my new little fellow earthlings, and they’ve promised me that they’ll stick around for a while 🙂

My Plants

So, here was my story, of my ride back home. Just a little break in routine was such a breath of fresh air. And I even learned a thing or two!

Also, this post 🙂