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Back in the days when,

I had so much time, yonder,

When afternoons were long,

And nights even longer!


There were no deadlines,

No fears, no qualms,

Cool rain pitter pattered,

On my wet-wet arms.


When I was the queen-

Castle or hut,

Ran barefoot on grass,

Played amok slick mud.


There was no rush,

No haste, no hurry-up,

For the only job at hand-

Was to grow up.


To grow up had its charm,

To grow up was a dream,

To grow up was so far away,

Like a far-reaching stream.


Well, today here I am,

All grown up (I think),

Wondering how I got here,

In just one wink!

Sapling to Tree

Image: http://www.nammatrichy.com/trichy-corporation-inviting-residents-support-new-park/