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Yesterday, after a long day, I picked up my daughter from kindergarten and reached back home comparatively late (thank you, traffic!). She watched some TV and I cooked. Then, we decided to go out for a short run. I was feeling exhausted. Still, I tried to keep up with her, and in my mind, going through the list of things I wanted to get done before bedtime…….

And then, suddenly, she stopped…….and, pointing to something on the ground, asked, “What’s this?”. It was a bunch of straws bundled together lying on the sidewalk. It didn’t strike me what it was till she exclaimed, “It’s a nest, mommy!”. And we both looked up at the tree right next to the sidewalk. The remaining portion of the nest was still dangling from one of the branches. Before I could say anything, she said, “I think the birdy will have to make its nest again!”.

Yeah, the bird had lost her nest, and possibly everything inside. It was probably already building it again somewhere safer too. And there I was, an hour ago, brooding over traffic. #perspective


Image: http://aditimitra.wordpress.com/tag/broken-nest/