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So I finally gave it a shot. In the wee hours of the morning, I sat on my couch, legs criss-crossed, hands on knees, eyes shut, breathing deeply. I tried to concentrate. I tried to focus. I tried hard not to think. But, I couldn’t.

The flurry of thoughts buzzing through my head amazed me. It seemed like I was trying hard to stay on a path but would dreamily wander, right or left, again and again, on the branching pathways called distractions. Only to jerk myself back to the main path over and over again…….

I did this for a time period that felt like eternity. In reality, it was just for under five minutes!

Doing nothing (including thinking) is serious business, I learnt. Meditating is not easy, I guess. I’ll keep at it, nonetheless. Hoping not to wander so — in the days to come.