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It’s a cold spring day,

Colors are aplenty,

Flowers on the way!


It’s a pretty-pretty morning,

Love is in the air,

The cool wind is charming!


Birds chirping around,

Lighten my heart,

Ah, wet dew on the ground!


Look at that sky,

Deep blue as the ocean,

How I want to fly!


The sunshine is warm,

Curing the dark,

Releasing the swarm!


It is a great day,

But soon it’ll be over,

Sigh, what a dismay…


When the light will set,

It will be dark again,

As dark as it can get….


But the night has its want,

And darkness its charm,

Bright stars are its font.


So I’ll hug the dark,

For that’s all there’ll be left,

While waiting for the lark…


I’ll let the stars shine,

For another promising day,

I’ll pretend they’re all mine.


Sure, for daylight I’ll pine,

But for another beautiful day,

I’ll just let the stars shine.


Morning Lark

Image: http://kategerry.com/owl-lark-humminbird/