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Life is complicated. It is often unfair for way too many. Inexplicably so. I find myself fortunate enough to be on the better side of it….and much grateful for it.

I believe the best way to be thankful is to live each moment fully. And so I have made it a conscious habit to enjoy the simplest pleasures of everyday life as much as I can. For that’s all there is! Isn’t it?

One of many such pleasures is owning a patch of tiny land and cultivating it to grow a garden. That too in the midst of spring when the sun is just warm enough, the air just cool enough and the colors around you are abundant and plenty.

Here’s my attempt to add a dash of a bit more hues to this year’s bloom from my own palette. My attempt at my first garden 🙂

Here are my newly planted Sylvias, Gazanias and Marigolds, with a Japanese Maple in the background. I did not grow the Maple; it’s been there atleast for a few years:


Something that really amazed me was the abundance of life in my little backyard! Beneath a coat of mulch, as I dug a couple of inches deeper to plant my marigolds, there were those countless earthworms, slugs and other under-the-earth creatures that work hard to keep my soil fertile, albeit unknowingly!

And weeds! I know they are “unwanted” and “unsightly”, yet a telltale sign of life. There were plenty in my mini garden that I eventually pulled out but yeah kudos to those little “plants”, if I may, that relentlessly grow with a minimum that is provided to them!

Here’s another beauty. Can’t remember this plant’s name. So I have named it ‘Mardi Gras’ for its Purple, Green and Yellow:


….and ofcourse, the Queen of Flowers, Rose 😀


Yet more Sylvias…and a few Zagrebs:


No garden is complete without a few herbs! Here’s my African Basil, Cilantro (baby sprouts from seeds!), Rosemary and my all time favorite – Mint!





As spring bids us yet another adios in a few days and summer arrives in its full vigor, I hope to see a variety of colors added to my little patch that will bring a bunch of buzzing bees and butterflies!

Here’s my little “front yard”. Loving the flowers and the colors!

image_11 image_12

My new found love, gardening, I owe you one! I would rather be with you (doing yard-work or simply sipping a cup of morning tea while gazing at my plants) on a weekend morning than anywhere else! (till my little daughter wakes up, of course :D)